Waasland Recycling, the perfect partner for ironclad recycling of all metals.



The perfect partner for the very best recycling of all kinds of metals.

Waasland Recycling is the new name for the “William Van der Gucht” company we took over in 2013. This department is situated in the "Kluizenmolen" industrial area in Sint-Gillis-Was. The former non-ferrous recycling company William Van der Gucht focussed more on the ferrous market over the past few years.
The excellent location of the company in the outport of Antwerp on the one hand, and the accessibility thanks to the presence of the E34 Antwerpen-Knokke and the E17 on the other hand, offer Waasland Recycling an excellent tool for a better geographical spread of its activities, a vaster offer of potential scrap and the optimization of the logistic organization.
Target groups first of all are the regional metal-processing industries and the intermediate trade (scrap dealers). Purchases from private customers have taken a vaster share over the years. Most of the time, these come from the wide Waasland region and they can also count on an optimal service and correct processing of the supplied goods.
Thanks to its family past and a team of enthusiastic staff members, the company also commits itself to a fast, accurate and, as much as possible, tailored services by means of their collection service with containers, (smaller) demolition activities and the processing on-site with possible use of scissors, hammering device and/or industrial crane.
All of this is the ideal recipe for a smooth and fine cooperation!